Park 'Fun' Facts
On this page we will attempt to list those unusual, interesting, and hopefully, informative facts about the Park that you may not have been aware of. If you have an interesting fact, story or picture, we'd love to know about it. Email us. 
Did You Know? 
From the shoreline at the park, you can see 5 different Maryland counties (Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Harford, Kent, and Queen Anne's), the Bay Bridge, and two Chesapeake Bay lighthouses (Craig Hill and Millers Island). 

These two lighthouses comprise the Craighill Channel Lower Range. The lighthouse locally referred to as the "Millers Island' light, is in actuality the Craighill Lower Range rear light and the Craighill light is the Craighill Lower Range Rear Beacon. Craighill Channel Range Lights official site.

North Point State Park is along the annual fall migration route of the Monarch butterfly. The butterflies can be found in great abundance at the Park in the fall months. 

North Point State Park resides on the grounds where Bay Shore Amusement Park existed from 1906 - 1947. The park was opened in 1906 by the United Railway and Electric Company, and could only be reached by a United Railway vehicle. Bay Shore Amusement Park was served by the #26 trolley line. This trolley later became known as the 'Red Rocket'.
Bay Shore Park 1906 - 1947 by Kathleen Brooks 

On 8/8/39, at Bay Shore Amusement Park, Cloris Wears was frozen in 3500 lbs of ice for 17 minutes, as part of the festivities for a Walkathon. (Afterwards, she spent more than 125 minutes in the restroom). 

Over 271 species of birds have been identified at our sister park - Hart/Miller Island. Most of these birds can be seen at North Point. See our wildlife page for a list of some of the birds you can see. 

North Point State Park was bought by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources in 1987, and opened as a state park. The park was originally named Black Marsh State Park. 

North Point State Park was was featured in an episode of HOMICIDE Life On the Streets on 12/3/97.  

Despite its proximity to the park, the Francis Scott Key Bridge cannot be seen from any vantage point in the park. The big bridge you can see from the shoreline is the Bay Bridge, which is approximately 19 miles from the park, by water.

There are three sunken barges used to haul munitions during World War I, that are visible from the shoreline at the park.
Fort Howard Light (Craighill Lower Rangerear
Craighill Lower Range Top Light
The 'Ice Lady' - Cloris Wears
North Point State Park
 "A little slice of heaven on the Chesapeake Bay"

Fun Facts